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Automotive Services

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Sample list of services we provide for vehicles:

Collision Avoidance Service (ADAS Service)

Image by Roberto Nickson

The goal of ADAS is to enhance driver safety, minimize accidents, and create a safer driving experience for all road users; we are committed to ensuring all three with our professional ADAS calibration service. Calibration is needed when misalignment of the sensors, radars, or cameras occurs, which can happen in various situations. One example is after a collision; even minor impacts and body repairs can cause misalignment or damage to ADAS components. Similarly, ADAS calibration may be required after a windshield repair or replacement, tire replacement, or suspension repair. Ultimately, ADAS calibration should be performed whenever there is any change in a component that could affect the precision or functionality of ADAS sensors, radars, or cameras. Reach out to our team if your vehicle falls into one of these categories or if it’s displaying signs of poor calibration; signs include false or delayed activation of systems and incorrect steering warnings or corrections.

Tune up


A tune up is an essential service that every car needs on a regular interval. Due to its behind-the-scenes nature, not all car owners understand the value of a tune-up. A tune-up involves an inspection of the engine, and then carefully analyzing each part that needs to be cleaned, fixed, or repaired. Common areas for inspection include spark plugs, filters, hoses, belts, car fluids, distributor caps, and rotors.

Tire Rotation


Tire Rotation refers to the practice of changing positions of tires in such a way that all parts of the tear suffer wear evenly. Uneven tire wear can lead to several problems down the road and as such tire rotation at regular intervals is advisable for all vehicles that use tires.

Wheel Alignment

Image by Jakob Rosen

Wheel Alignment is an essential vehicle maintenance procedure that usually involves adjusting the suspension system of a vehicle to the angles specified by the manufacturers. 

It is done to minimize the damage caused to tires and wheels due to regular use and can significantly reduce normal wear and tear of your tires.


Car Buffer

Buffing or waxing can help you protect your car paint and also keep it shiny all the time. Waxing not only protects paint but can also make your car more attractive as it's possible to make a car look brand new with the right kind of car wax. We offer a whole range of buffing/waxing services for all types of cars.

Smart Start Interlock Device – Calibration & Removal


Smart start interlock device is a car breathalyzer is required to be installed in your car if you have been convicted of driving under influence or DUI in the past. Smart Start Interlock device will allow you to drive only when you are sober as the car won't start if the breathalyzer detects alcohol in your breath. We provide smart start interlock device installation, calibration and removal services for all types of cars.

Scheduled maintenance


Scheduled maintenance must not be taken lightly as it plays a vital role in your car's health. Most manufacturers advise you to get your engine serviced, parts checked, cleaned and changed at regular intervals such as 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 90,000 miles. We are the leading auto shop in Fort Lauderdale that offers scheduled maintenance for cars of all brands.

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

No electrical device in your car would be able to function properly with a low or dead battery even your ignition. Batteries like most other car accessories need to be replaced on regular intervals that may be anywhere from 1 to 3 years or more. We offer battery replacement service for cars in and around Fort Lauderdale.

Lube service


Our Lube Service involves oil and filter change, check of under bonnet fluids in the cooling system, brakes, clutch, etc. It also includes inspection of other vital systems in a car.

Air Filter Replacement

ATV Filter Change

Air filters protect your combustion engine from air, dust, and other particles that can interfere with the functioning of your engine. Your air filter needs to be cleaned at regular intervals and once it can no longer be cleaned, it needs to be replaced. We offer air filter replacement service for all types of cars and engines.

Extended Warrantee Service

Image by Adam Stefanca

We also offer extended warrantee service over and above the manufacturer warranty that comes with your car. You can check our different plans that can help you extend your warranty by couple of years or by several thousand miles more.

Tire Sale & Service

Stack of Tires

We are a leading provider of tires of all sizes in Fort Lauderdale and also offer several other aftersales service such as tire maintenance, regular checkups etc. for tires sold by us.

Computer Diagnostics


We offer computer diagnostic tests that can quickly identify the problems in your car. Car computer diagnostics check usually involves engine code check, engine overheating test, engine oil light diagnosis, charging system diagnostics, etc. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Car Garage

We can conduct a pre-purchase inspection on the car that you want to buy and identify any possible issue in the car that can affect it later on. Our thoroughly conducted pre purchase inspection can protect you from unwanted issues down the road.

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