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Automotive Repairs

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We offer all types of repair services like but not limited to the following.

Brake Service

Image by Jan Kopřiva

Brakes are one of the vital components of any vehicle and even a minor problem in brakes of your car can lead to life-threatening situations such as collisions, or car crash. We offer brake service that usually involves inspection of brake pads, drums, rotors, brake lines, and calipers. Once our experts have identified any issue in any of these components, they move immediately to fix the issue.


Air conditioner Repair & Replacement

Car AC

Florida is known for its high number of sunny days and the summer can often get too hot. Your car's air conditioner can make these sunny days more bearable. It's common for air conditioners to develop problems especially in the climate of Florida where people mostly keep air conditioners of their vehicles most of the time while driving. We offer air conditioner repair and replacement for all car brands.

Power Steering

Image by Nischal Kanishk

We offer power steering repair and replacement service for cars of all types in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. Your power steering is a vital component of your car and even a minor issue in power steering can affect your driving and lead to a fatal accident. Get in touch with us today if you need help in fixing your power steering.

Starter Motor


Starter, as the name suggests, is a device that is used for starting the combustion engine of your car and as such plays a very important role in any type of vehicle. It is impossible to start a car if the starter is not working.  We offer starter  replacement services for all types of cars in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

Alternator Replacement

Image by Manuel E Sankitts

An alternator is one of the most important parts of a vehicle as it performs virtually every function that involves the electrical system of your car. It charges the battery, supplies electrical power to your headlights, air conditioner, power seats, turn signals, dome lights, radio, GPS, and phone charger. Practically none of the electrical component of your car can work without an alternator and your car is good for nothing if the alternator stops working. We offer alternator replacement service for all types of cars.

Suspension System

Image by Salah Ait Mokhtar

Your car's suspension system is responsible for the smoothness of journey, and it also plays a crucial role in absorbing the bumps that one feels while driving on a road. Suspension system usually involves several components such as coil springs, shock absorbers, rods, linkages, joints, bearings, and bushings. We offer suspension system repair service for all types of cars during which our experts will not only repair the broken part of your car's suspension system but will also thoroughly check other components of the suspension system for any possible issue.

Drive Train System

Image by Alessio Lin

Your car's drivetrain system can be considered as the nervous system that keeps your car alive and allows it to move from one place to another. A drivetrain is usually made up of several different components such as clutch, gearbox, torque converter, rear axle, propeller shaft, and drive shafts. We offer drive train inspection and repair service for cars of all brands. Our veteran experts will individually inspect every single component of the drive train of your car, and will clean, fix, or repair it as per the need.

Electrical System


Your car's electrical system controls everything from headlights to air conditioners, and heater to the entertainment system and a car cannot function if the electrical system is not functioning well. We offer electrical system inspection and repair services for cars of all brands. Our experts will repair the fault in your electrical system and will also conduct a thorough diagnostics test to check if other components of the electrical system are working well or not.

Engine Repair & Replacement


Your engine is like the brain and heart of your car, and any minor problem in the engine can render your car unusable. We provide high quality engine repair service and in cases where engine needs to be replaced, can also help you with engine replacement.

Transmission Service & Replacement

Transmission Rebuilding

Transmission system of a vehicle is one of the crucial components that is responsible for moving power from the engine to the wheels. Any problem in transmission means that wheels will simply not rotate, thus leaving your vehicle stationary. We offer transmission service and replacement for all types of cars.

Exhaust System


Exhaust system of a car plays the dual role of reducing the noise and removing gases that are a byproduct of the combustion of fuel in the engine. Exhaust system is usually made up of a muffler that reduces the noise and several pipes and tubes that transmit gases away from the engine via tailpipe. We offer exhaust system service and repair for cars of all types and brands.

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