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Treat your Car with Only the Best Oil

One common question we get asked is “What type of oil should I used for my car, synthetic or conventional?” There is no question that a full synthetic oil will provide the greatest benefits to one’s engine which is why we always recommend using it on all vehicles that come to us. Factored in that advice are things such as our region’s weather, the properties found in synthetic oil, and the brand/manufacturer of the product.

The response that we get is very often “No, I can’t possibly afford it.” This is of course understandable especially given the current economic climate. However, there are several reasons why a full synthetic oil change at Chrome Rose Auto is one of the best things you could do for your car and yourself:

-          We use a premium product (Liqui Moly)

-          As always, an oil change includes a complimentary visual inspection

-          The service is fast (you can grab a quick bite at either Lester’s Diner or El Tamarindo Cafe, both next door)

-          More than anything, the cost puts a smile on your finances. At $99 (before taxes & fees), it is very affordable, provides the benefits of longer intervals between services, and greater engine protection thus preventing premature breakdowns.

Moreover, because no two engines are the same and no two vehicles are used in the same way, we make further recommendations to address current condition and when necessary, talk about steps to help the engine perform at its “full potential” and keep it there.

You may wonder perhaps why we would go to the extent of using such a premium product at a bargain price, well, the answer is quite simple: We care! A good running engine is a reliable engine which is great news for our planet and our customers.


For more information on the benefit of using synthetic oil, check out this article by Consumer Reports.



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