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Every start of a new year is an opportunity to hit the reset button in a sense; a chance to evaluate the prior year and make changes if and when necessary to improve oneself and in our case our operations. Although every single new day should provide us with the same impetus, the start of a new year seems like a seismic shift and one should and perhaps must engage in the process. For us this is what this new year will look like if we have our way:

First and foremost, we must and will hire more experienced mechanics. This is the only way we will be able to serve our growing customer base. However, this profession, like many of this kind, has fallen out of style. Why go home with the smell of chemicals and lubricants when there is the allure of remote work? Simply put, the job isn’t “sexy” enough. For those who share that line of thinking, I will argue that they are missing a very important point: this industry isn’t immune to the “digital revolution” the world is experiencing and the race to carbon emission reduction / elimination. And so, our goal at Chrome Rose is to add to the Chrome Rose family someone with vast experience with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) operated vehicles and someone with an openness to its successor, whether electric, hybrid or hydrogen or anything that gets developed.

Next goal is to continue to build our brand and make improvements to provide a better experience for our customers. Last year our logo was “refreshed” and the exterior signage was updated so we could be more visible and easier to locate. We partnered with two financial entities, CFNA and EasyPay, to offer a “store” card and greater payment options so our customers are able to take care of those much-needed repairs they need. Living in South Florida we know all too well how heavily reliant we all are on our vehicles to help us work and take care of loved ones. We have also made it possible to save on credit card processing fees that are passed on to customers by providing other payment options such as Cashapp and Zelle.

Our new Rewards program was also introduced in 2023, it provides an opportunity to save money on current repairs with instant discounts and cash back earnings for future repairs. Discounts are available based on visit frequency, birthday celebration and referrals for example. Join today and start saving immediately!

Our reception area has undergone some changes, from new chairs to new entertainment choices for those who must wait whilst their car is being serviced or repaired.

Despite the relative size of our operation, we continue to invest toward ways that will enrich your experience and in tools that will help get the job done right the first time and efficiently. We truly appreciate your patience and continued support over the years as we strive to make Chrome Rose Automotive your first option for anything you and your vehicle need.


We want to wish you once again a JOYOUS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



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